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 -----LEADERSHIP TEAM --------- 


NOTE: Some admin's are linked which are listed in bold black  




– Responsible for all battalion activities

  – Supervises, provides guidance and direction for the Battalion Staff Officers, Company Commanders, and Battalion CSM in insuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed efficiently







-_ADMIN_Battalion Executive Officer- C/MAJ   (Supervisor) 


 Second in command; assumes command and commander responsibilities in the Cadet Battalion Commander’s absence

        – Serves as the Chief of Staff; supervises and coordinates the efforts of the battalion staff in planning, coordination and execution of Battalion events

        – Frees the commander from routine details and passes pertinent data, information and insight from the staff to the commander and from the commander to the staff

        – Ensures staff suspense dates are met and remains knowledgeable of the current status of staff action

    – Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Cadre Battalion Executive Officer

  – Responsible for the safety and risk assessment of all battalion events

     – Performs all other duties as assigned by the Battalion Commander

        – Serves as the leader of event staffs to plan and conduct battalion training




-ADMIN_Battalion Command Sergeant Major C/CSM 

       -Principal advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of Cadets within the battalion

        – Advises the Battalion Commander on planning, coordinating and supervising activities of the battalion

        – Works as a catalyst in communication to and from Cadets to the Cadet battalion chain of command and staff

        – Accounts for personnel during all Battalion level activities and events

        – Conducts Battalion formations; responsible for training and execution of drill and ceremonies at all levels

        – Oversees the training and performance of the Battalion Color Guard




ADMIN_S1 Personnel / Administration/C/CPT      

 – Principal staff officer for all matters concerning human resources including personnel readiness, personnel services and headquarters management

        – Provides administrative support for the battalion

        – Prepares and maintains unit strength reports, rosters and records

– Plans, organizes and supervises the execution of battalion awards ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, commissioning ceremonies and social events

        – Receives operational control of any special project committees as directed by the commander

        -Controls LDP, mentorship roster and monthly counseling program




-*ADMIN*-S2 Security Officer- C/CPT 

        – Supervises battalion physical security

        – Provides terrain analysis, light and weather data and threat information for battalion planning

        – Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events

        – Principal staff officer for all matters concerning recruiting, civil military operations and public affairs

        – Responsible for all Cadet recruiting on the campuses in coordination with the cadre Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO)



  Cadet Battalion Training Officer (S-3 — c/MAJ) 


-Principal staff officer responsible for all matters concerning training, operations and plans

        – Plans, Organizes and supervises the conduct of all Cadet training

        – Allocates resources to ensure the accomplishment of all missions

        – Prepares Operations Orders, training schedules and memoranda to facilitate battalion training and operations

        – Ensures all battalion level classes and training are rehearsed by instructors and assistant instructors prior to execution

        – Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events

        – Responsible for coordinating with Cadre Operations Officer for creation of the overall Training Calendar, MDMP matrix, and CRM



     * Cadet Battalion Supply Officer (S-4 — c/CPT)    

– Primary Staff Officer responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation and services for the battalion

– Coordinates for, receives, distributes and controls supplies and equipment for training

– Conducts inventories and maintains a continuous working knowledge of on hand supplies and equipment within the battalion

– Responsible for early coordination with and serves as a link between Cadets and the cadre supply technician,

-Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events


Cadet Battalion Public Affairs Officer (PAO/S-5 — c/CPT)

Responsible for enhancing the relationship between military forces and civilian authorities to include campus staff and faculty, public information internal information, community relations, written publications, photographs and related duties as required

– Specifically responsible for the written material, consolidation and publication of the battalion newsletter

– Serves as a focal point for local advertising of the program

– Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events outside of tactical training (Alumni newsletter, Veterans Day, Blood Drive, ect.)

– Coordinates with S-4 and CSM to contact for catering for special events

– Responsible for fundraising events such as stadium security/cleanup




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